Dude, I didn't know we had a community! COOL!

So it took me like, forever to figure out how to post on here... HEH. I'm blonde. :P

Game last night was awesome... I had a blast. :) It's so awesome being the Drum Major for one of the most energetic and spirited bands in Lee County! You so totally rock! Halftime was really great... Sorry I messed up so much! Woodwinds, you guys stayed together really well, considering my conducting flubs. I promise, I'll be better next week. :)

Who's ready to get the 3rd movement on the field??

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360 shove

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<center>Hey guys im not in the north Band or ne thing i go to Mariner i just wanted to invite you ll to my community, its 4 ppl in cape coral.. its pimp you should all join!!

^^ click the pic!</center>
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a blah

hey everyone, its ashley the sax player (hence the screen name) whats up ya'll?? it took me forever to find this community because my computer is dumb... and Jon Lewis, i think you're hot as hell.. GO OUT WITH ME!!!! lmfao.. do we have a sax section at all this week? I won't be there tomorrow at school so i need to know!!!!

<3 Ashley
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I just found out there was a north high band LJ community here I am.

I use to be the saxophone section leader for the 2003 season (ghost train). names Jon. So yeah. I kissed Juan Gomez...maybe you heard that story before.

How's everybody doing?
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wee wee


Another message from the guy you have to look at while your marching. Well I had an awesome time at the game friday, I hope everyone else had fun too. Its about time we got to have some fun at a football game i know all of ya'll felt like somthing was missing. now i hope you al know what all that pacticing is for. Well see you guys monday,

u dont even know

(no subject) a freshman....yeah...woo, go flute.....suc tho....i update alot. if u wanna add me and read about my life that is juss soooo dramatic, juss comment....i guess....thats bout it, its late and im tired, so yeah...later!

<3 Sara