Hey everyone...

Okay so like I didn't know there was a North High Band thingy... But now I do and guess what? Y'all better start posting! If ya'll don't know who I am then you have a problem or you are new to the band. Or maybe you just don't like me.... *hides in corner and cries* Anyway.... This is neat. Y'all have to post so that I can have updates on how y'all are doin!
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Randy sent the address for the new bandsite out through e-mail a while ago... by looking at the little "viewed" thingy-ma-bobber on the new boards it looks like there have been a LOT of people on the site that either haven't become members yet or just haven't posted... (on the site there's like a number around 450 with like 2 friggin posts!)

the site for those that don't know it: www.marchingknights.info
I personally think the old boards were better, but i'm guessing Randy + Staff peeps had a good reason for discontinuing it.....

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